Jack Russell Terrier Facts Dog Owners Should Know

Are you planning to get a Jack Russell Terrier? Or do you already own one but would like to know more about your dog? Regardless, you made a great choice getting a Jack Russell Terrier dog breed. It’s an all in one package dog pal for its intelligence and companionship. We’ll dive through Jack Russell Terrier Facts dog owners […]

List Of Dog Breeds That Don’t Shed

For some of us, we definitely love dogs and wants to get one but are very susceptible to allergy attacks due to their hair shedding. This could be a hindrance of getting a dog or worst, to our health. But good thing that there are dog breeds that don’t shed as much. Note. Just because […]

How To Calm Dog Aggression & Dominance

It is frightening if we know that our dogs can be aggressive towards us, our kids or other dogs. Sometimes we think that aggressive dog behavior can only occur on certain breeds like Pit Bulls or Rotweillers. Wrong. Dog aggression can happen to all dog breeds. In this article. We’ll discuss different dog aggression behavior, […]

7 Best Recommended Small Hypoallergenic Dogs

Do you love dogs but allergic to them? Then small hypoallergenic dogs may be right for you. “Hypo” Is a Greek suffix which means “less”. Like what we discussed about hypoallergenic dogs, they only have fewer allergens compare to non-hypoallergenic dogs. So there’s still a chance of allergic attacks, but at a much lower level. […]